In dreamy silence under frosty and fiery stars I laid still
In a state of nothingness, divine and eerie amid
loving and compassionate bodies with whom
I had the rare privilege of sharing, this state of nothingness
infused with profound silence that formed a halo over our existence
at that holy moment of togetherness binding us to the earth as one.
Bodies become a body. Heart beats became a heart -beat. Breaths became breath.


Powerful becomes my mind and peaceful becomes my existence
On freeing words that remain otherwise caged under my tongue
Ecstatic and aware becomes my soul and naked are my thoughts and
Truth, exempted of the clutches of fear, boundaries and
Ruthless norms explodes within me violently in brilliant shades of blue,
Yellow, red and white at that auspicious moment and, I realize that life has become me.


Before thoughts found a medium
To be expressed by words, discharged by the tongue,
Before music was created to dance with our emotions
And  summon hope in times of heart breaking silences,
There was life;
When  enemies were made nemesis and  friends were befriended,
When children were educated and  intellectual heads were beheaded,
When innocence and dreams were shed from the youth of today
And when malice and trickery was hidden
Within religious pages and idols sculpted with stone and clay,
There was life;
When lovers beheld each other’s sight as if it was their own
And cherishing  the moments passing  in silence,
Contemplating  the depth of each other’s soul
From the warm breath exchanged from passionate lips with eyes closed,
There was life;
In words that created poetry and art, kissing our imagination
With beauty and truth dripping like the morning’s  dew,
Singing sweet symphonies to the ears
Of how love and passion are intrinsic to the soul for,
There was life and is.


Who are you beneath the skin concealed with
fancy clothes with a hint of pride on the patterns?

Who do you propose to become when you utter
insignificant words in hopes of describing yourself to me
and when the truth behind your mascara eyes changes
like the skin of a chameleon to vanish before its’ predator?

Invisible you may make the truth to my eyes but
I am a predator you see, with a sensitive and highly receptive nose
that can snort the truth right of the curvature of your almost
crescent smile that bears the burden of your caged thoughts
lingering under your tongue like prisoners of war in the gloom of authority.

What becomes of you when you sell your individuality to they
who are enslaved by the ever blinding norms of the society
that shackles your freedom from taking flight into the glorious skies?
What becomes of you when you put up your tanned and fair skin
for an overpriced exhibition of lost art for lustrous eyes to feast
solely on the outline of your already artful body?

At the pith, the very core of life, what role in this infinite
and ever dynamic universe of parallel existence do you see
your agnostic eyes perceiving?

Do you dear sensitive person not feel bloody alive
to the marrow of your bones when you listen to raw poetry
that escapes your naked tongue setting fire
to all your fear and insecurities, giving birth to wild passion
that glows brilliantly like a bon-fire in your eyes, emitting
a shaky maddening aura on the outline of your body,
that of inherent courage and intrinsic truth that dances
with your words making you feel invincible and heroic from within
at that fleetingly terrific moment of untamed  emotions
and supernatural state of being and, yet undeniably  vulnerable
and aware of the surrounding atmosphere and absorbing faces?

It is indeed true that wild thoughts are awakened in your titanium head
where they move hither and tither in erratic madness rekindling the
forbidden flames of insatiable curiosity and understanding of reason
that may be oftentimes received in the form of lewd
ill-mannered perceptions by the prisoners of widening ignorance
and authority to which they succumb like puppets to their puppeteer.

Do you dear person with a naked tongue not see
that when you narrate poetry from a piece of paper
that poetry itself becomes you?
Do you not see that when forbidden words escapes
your brilliant mouth in the form of holy truth,
you experience the sudden beauty  of sheer realization
and the sweetest pleasure of insightful orgasm?

Do you not realize that you are a protagonist in a scene
within the powerful and immortal play called life?

In all curiosity, I ask you now once again who the fuck are you?




I was perhaps at my most free state of being in the silent gloom of my mothers’ womb,
Where I was untouched by the hard feelings of the outside world
A nine month refugee I was within her and, would speak to her
by kicking  on the walls of what was called a half-full stomach, to which she would rejoice in glee
And there did come a time when I was no longer fit to be a resident
In this safe haven;  I tumbled forth  outside, into the world that existed beyond mine.
The moment the air outside landed on my delicate infant body,
the soothing silence and comforting darkness was mysteriously replaced
with bright lights, vivid colours and infinite unfamiliar sounds.
There, I was listening to my own weeping cacophonous voice which was received
by smiles and tears on faces unfamiliar and odd.
I was forced outside into the world I never chose and
they placed upon me an unfathomable religion and with it a name, I never chose.
My imagination was hypnotized by the adventures of Rama, The Pandava brothers and the
Valor and devotion of Hanuman and would listen with blind wonderment to the tales of
The omnipresent and ever pervading Vishnu and Shiva, that materialized in my thoughts
From the wrinkled lips of my grandmother which I learned with time
were passed on to her from her own.
Behind the parapet wall of ignorance and the fear of the unknown,
I made prayers with blindfolded eyes to sculpted figurines with nary a doubt under my tongue,
in utter blindness of what prevailed before my naked eyes
Then I was a child inhaling the same air of conditioned thoughts as everybody else did.
My thoughts were quick and so were the conclusions that landed on the bedrock of reason
in the pace of a boulder rolling down a hill destroying the little bushes of reason on its way down
Now I am an adult in body and mind. I inhale the conditioned thoughts but, my nasal hair
present within my nostrils filters them and exhale thoughts that are my very own for,
My thoughts are now calm like the meditation of a hermit and fall gently
on my bedrock of reason in the pace of a feather
that falls off a pigeon when it flutters its wings.
I know not of the legends of the hundred thousand gods
and their hundred thousand lessons recorded in the scriptures by my ancestors
and, I find it distasteful to have a surname that highlights the purity of my blood .
If the blood running in my veins were of pure and noble nature then what of the blood
running down the veins of a rickshaw puller or that of Thumpa who sweeps
the floor and does the dishes in the hopes of receiving her daily bread for her chores?
Seeking purity in what the eye touches Is perhaps what distances us from the  joy of living.
sweet dreams at night fall are poisoned with pleasure seeking and envious thoughts
that churns fear and insecurities of a tomorrow that is yet to arrive
Love, passion and truth that are intrinsic like the sweet redolence of roses are
replaced by the illusion of heavenly pleasures and malicious lies
To which we become prisoners with unconditional surrender and call ourselves religious.
They wear religion like a shield that protects them from the blade of reason
and tread triumphantly like victorious soldiers on returning from war
And are greeted by us, the prisoners only to build more religious monuments called jail
Where we are let to breed but, within the four walls of ignorance and authority.

We are living in times
Where medicine, law and sciences are praised
While History, Literature, languages and art are shamed;
We are living in times
Where women puffing and panting in suffocating clothes
That conceal their skin from head to toe, are praised;
While women in dresses whose length fail to reach their knees
are labeled uncultured and brutally shamed;
We are living in times
where dogma and ignorance are breeding like mosquitos in drains
while freedom of speech is curtailed and blind nationalism entwined with religion prevails,
that which nurtures rigid superstitions and cumbersome rituals
meant solely for the elite and that which condemns reason to question authority
And rules out the idea of morality and the concept of our right to equality;
We are living in times
Where nudity and sex is limited within the four walls of a room
while cinemas that nurture  patriarchal and stereotypical  ideas,  pervasive punch lines,
sleazy depiction of heroes and misguiding portrayal of lust
in the name of healthy entertainment is available today  for a  million eyes to view.
Welcome to India,
Where sexual intercourse is content for cheap demeaning jokes
that are uttered by they who consider themselves s pure
and at the back of their walls masturbate rigorously
with desperate eyes,cherishing every pleasure full- filling movement
that is passed in shameful silence and outside in the society
is projected as sinful ,the very act of displaying see through clothes
are treated as teasing and subjected to harassment.
Welcome to India,
where family members ask “what was she doing at such a late hour”
wearing clothes, revealing parts of the body
that are forbidden according to tradition, Oh my god!”
Welcome to India
where caste discrimination is prevalent but exposure for justice |
is silenced and safeguarded by manpower and religion
with the sole purposes of domination
and the right to reason is out of the question
Dear family members,
You place upon your daughter, sister  and spouses’  head , rules and boundaries in the name of
values, societal dignity, culture and traditions that you hold ever so dearly
to the extent of restricting her the freedom to breathe without your consent .
For in the end of the day it is your consent alone that after all matters that which
is smeared like ashes on her face, leaving it gasping for the air of independence
the sound of which sounds lowly and polluting to your so called morals and principles,
reeking like the foul stench of ignorance flowing in your blind-folded eyes.
You place her within the four walls of your houses like venerated furniture
and draw outside on the porch, the lakshman rekha of brutal restrictions
by holding proud the saying :
“ Well-cultured girls leave their households during the day
and return before nightfall ,lest their bodies may be violated/evil may befall them on their way.”
What is this evil?
Do you not see o proud fathers, fearing mothers,
eldest brothers and pious grandfathers,
the alpha and omega of this patriarchy infected society;
The violators’ courage feeds on your fears like a predator
feasting on its surrendered prey.

Dear politicians,
I must have died a hundred times
whilst hearing you speak ever so proudly
about your ignorance, condemning truth
that is intrinsic to my existence
And slyly escaping while your hands are stained with sin.
This denial of the  bitter truth that lurks in every nook and corner
of these suburbs that surrender to the fog on wintry twilight
are the reality that shines like the stars at night
beautiful they may seem to your eyes, but are they really beautiful ?

My tongue seems to know of no limits or norms
and truth in the form of words dance ever naked on it
and in this dance I taste freedom and courage in its’ rawest nature
You who emerged out of the gravel, naked and unaware are an architect
of this monument, the society , that is sustained by your assertions
of misguidance and self -pleasing ambitions and motives
That are the base bricks upon which stands this monument
That you have managed to erect over the years,
polishing and re-polishing upon it with your
arrogant words and weightless hierarchies which
like the black plague has struck countless bodies
infecting their minds and paralyzing their conscience
to mere puppets dancing to tunes they themselves fail to recognize.
Your sur name and place of birth which you ever so proudly
utter with your tongue holds no meaning for my thoughts
you are but a mere speck of dust that takes refuge on my skin without my knowledge,
and when I bathe, you fall of my body once again, without my knowledge.

Dear Society,
I am but, a mere number on a piece of paper to your eyes
with which you imagine my failures and wave them like a flag
but within my head, I am a celebration of one thousand colours
exploding like one thousand fireworks, fireworks of ideas, unanswered questions,
“forbidden” thoughts, ambitions and caged desires, which you squish like cockroaches on the
kitchen floor, and watch it die and not once did you weep in remorse
to this fuck-all, heart breaking hierarchy you have sought to mold
which now has infected their minds and polluted their thoughts with
narrow-minded perceptions that slap our faces when our eyes meets theirs.
I shall not surrender my individuality to the society
sinking like an anchor in a river of hypocrisy ;
for by definition I am born free. For by definition, you are born free.
Pious followers, patriots, hypocrites  and my ignorance inflicted blind believers,
give your tongue the complete freedom  to reason with what yours ears receive
for faith begins to fade  if supported by weightless reasons that results in the distancing yourself
from what is termed truth, for truth itself ceases to remain truth if not supported
by the bedrock of reason-the how ,when, what where and why’s
and weakens the capacity of the mind to open its progressive doors
to the masses which, from what I have witnessed are hallucinating a reality
that bathes in a river of dogma, rigid and inhuman practices all of which
I hold culprit, religion and nationalism; that curbs freedom, the very base of life and existence,
condemning the right to question its authority and brutally defaming they
who rigorously attempt to reason with its prevalence In a society which
has been enslaved by its lore, myths and principles which are but, limited to
the imagination of children with the intent of sculpting them into staunch believers
who are taught to hold a belief so firmly, with which they themselves fail to reason
and this weightless belief is being promoted in the name of the rich culture that has been prevalent
in this land since time immemorial; that which has nurtured division on the pretext
of warring beliefs that has resulted in the creation of boundaries and in the discharge of a
giant pool of blood that meandered during the partition of two nations and during
the crusades , like a lake of chaos in their conscience, sowing the seeds
of hatred, resentment, polarity prejudice and terror in the minds of men.
A faith crumbles to ashes if it fails to walk triumphantly alongside reason,
therefore give your tongue the complete freedom to reason with what your ears receive.


Image result for mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all

Smear on your face fairness creams
That brings to the skin gloom and insecurity
Live in the shadows of those that hail
from the realms of fiction and dreams
For it is their radiance alone the eye desires to see
I blame you not for your weightless preconceptions of true beauty
But for these vain insecurities that stems from society,
Exempted of reality and blind to the raw nature of beauty
Ever-present within, like the intrinsic brightness of the stars,
From which you time and again hide
with polished lips and mascara eyes.
You are no saviour for their eyes but, for your own
And when the eyes alone beholds the body,
The stars are concealed behind the clouds
And you will never witness their glow,
For your heart is an ocean of inferiority
destined to roar for all eternity
And envious becomes your thoughts, and woe is your soul.


Marry not her body but, her beautiful mind
Clothe her with the warmth of your skin
And not with the burden of your dominance
Over her simple living and gentle breathing
Surrender your ego lest her peace may cease to exist.
Wrap her around your arms with all your courage and
Let her surrender to the rhythm  of your beating heart
Stare deep into her eyes , so she glances at the memories
You are yet to give birth to ,which she shall reminisce
With a wide wrinkled smile when her silver locks begin to show
Sit beside her silently still and let the silence comfort  you
While you let the nightly skies hanging above steadfast ,
The rustling of the autumn leaves ,the earthy smell of wet soil
And the dull glimmering moon, summon bliss to your soul
And ashes shall become of all the woes that once resided within,
While your bodies plunges into an enchanted existence
Exempted of worldly noises, where you dance in wild ecstasy
Contemplating the meaning of each other’s lives
Like two inseparable creepers that are ever entwined.



Dear religion,
I time and time again fail to understand you
In your raw naked form, in your flawed rules of conduct,
and in your divine lore.
You blind fold their eyes and instill in them false promises
of  immortality and hope,
In a world creating its own doom and rotting in it’s own sins,
Nurturing dogma and irrelevant superstitions
That curb the freedom of those bound to clutches and cages,
Of those dwelling in their shadows,
Writhing like worms in their own misery and woes.
Dear religion,
You loathe the warmth of menstrual blood
discharged by their bodies,
Deny their entrance and refuse their prayers
into your earthly abode;
The bodies you so highly claim of breathing life onto
The bodies you ever so carefully crafted and attached to it a soul;
A soul that now scavenges for freedom and hope
And their  hopes, now closer to being reduced to a myth
Is being sucked dry in this age of ignorance
By they who walk with their eyes closed.
Dear religion,
I fail to comprehend you in your entirety
For you segregate man on the grounds
of birth and  complexion, blood and profession
And I am taught to blindly embrace you in your imperfections,
To kneel and bow; to kneel and bow to your existence
artfully sculpted with silver, gold and stone.
In your name they wage wars
and have unleashed carnages for over centuries or so,
For you have promised them immortality
And a glimpse of paradise should they rest  their souls.
Dear religion,
I perceive you as a cloak, a scarf, a comfortable piece of clothing
To protect from the winter’s cold
For when we remove you, we are but one;
We share the same bodies, the same blood running in our veins,
Stitched with the same flesh head to toe, head to toe.

"…but only in poetry can men be truly free. It was always thus and always thus will be."